S-DESIGN originally operated for 6 years within a multi disciplined company named "SKEP" which had a combined focus on architecture, interior design, as well as having an interior decor shop in Stellenbosch

Since 2018 it was decided to create a company focused solely on architecture and architectural design.

Run by Frederik, Alma & Neill, we offer comprehensive professional architectural services for a broad spectrum of projects  


A small but vibrant team, we are a diverse but close knit group that work extremely well together and compliment our vast variety of strengths 

Well articulated lines, a desire to break free from the mould and an endless love for surfing and playing guitar, Freddy is the cool, calm and collected member of the A Team, an instrumental and architectural artist. He was a Director at his previous firm and oozes with knowledge and experience.

A small town girl, with a big dream - Alma left her humble beginnings and entered a world of travel and corporate life before settling down in Stellenbosch. She is a force to be reckoned with, both on the golf course and in the boardroom. She enjoys hikes with her family and twin girls. Our very own office mom, she leads the way from the front :)

Having worked for a few years in a large corporate company, Neill set out to accomplish a dream of flying, during his PPL studies he met Frederik, assisted in a few projects, and found his love for architecture once more. With a keen love for sport and fitness, he enjoys the outdoors with his family. Currently studying a Marketing Management degree, his quest to become the perfect all - rounder is far from complete.

Frederik Lotter


Alma Mentz


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